Thank you for your reply to my enquiry regards my Grandfather Alfred Dade , who served at Arnhem with the 156th Parachute Battalion A Company 4th Platoon . I was 9 years old when Alf died in 1979. I know he returned to Arnhem regularly after the war and was close friends with a local family. He survived the battle of Arnhem and was not captured but I believe this family had helped to hide him from capture from the Germans . Any help to trace this family or any information regards my grandfather would be of great interest to me.

I attach a photo taken from the book From Delhi to Arnhem and circled my grandfather as well as enclosing 2 photos taken one year before he died .

Best regards

Jasper Dade


Mocht iemand Alfred kunnen helpen laat een reactie onder dit bericht achter of stuur een mail aan ons info@ of website@ adres


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