Jedburgh tijdens operatie Market Garden – thesis 1990

Abstract: This study evaluates the six Jedburgh teams which supported Operation Market Garden during the period 11 September-24 September 1944. Recruitment and training of volunteers for Jedburgh missions in Europe is first examined. The status of the Dutch resistance and the operaticnal situation in Europe which eventually led to the planning for Market Garden are discussed. Each Jedburgh team’s story is told in the context of the battles fought during Market Garden. The Dutch Jedburgh teams had varying degrees of success. Special Forces Headquarters refined their operational procedures to support the airborne divisions. Their roles were greatly affected by the unique nature of the flat, densely populated Dutch countryside, by the tactical exigencies which characterized the battles during Market Garden, and by the divisiveness of the Dutch resistance. This study concludes that the Jedburgh concept was viable, but that poor intelligence, inadequate equipment, and lack of understanding of Jedburgh capabilities by division staffs and commanders hindered overall effectiveness. Jedburgh teams deployed too late to make a difference at Market Garden. Had they infiltrated earlier, their work with the resistance could have provided the manpower and intelligence to make a differnce-in -the -operation’s outcome.

DOWNLOAD Thesis by R.G. Gutjahr, Jedburgh in operation Market Garden.

DOWNLOAD Thesis by R.G. Gutjahr, Jedburgh in operation Market Garden.

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