I saw it with my own eyes, eyewitness accounts of the Battle of Arnhem around estate ‘De Oorsprong’ in Oosterbeek

During the September days of 1944, when the Battle of Arnhem raged briefly but violently, estate ‘De Oorsprong’ found itself in the middle of the firing lines. It was hard for the military and hard for the residents as well.

In the booklet I saw it with my own eyes, published on April 17, seven eyewitnesses describe the events of those days, one in English, six in Dutch language. Some found safe shelter in the bomb shelter of the ‘De Oorsprong’, others had to find shelter elsewhere. All have been evacuated from September 25 onwards, some across the lines.

The very personal and moving stories are preceded by a short description of ‘De Oorsprong’. The booklet is richly illustrated with many photos.

Easy to read – captivating from start to finish.

Published April 2020 by Publisher De Vijver

ISBN 9789076224305

17 x 24 cm, 56 pages

Available at Meijer & Siegers Bookstore in Oosterbeek, the Netherlands, and any recognized bookstore.

Introduction price € 10
For more information, please contact the publisher:

Geurt van de Kerk
+31 317 750 645 or +31 633 993 422

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