Airborne to Arnhem part I – Grant R.Newell

Airborne to Arnhem is the first of three volumes of reminiscences of the Battle of Arnhem, Operation Market, 17th–26th September 1944. The three volumes contain over 150 personal accounts received from veterans of the 1st Airborne Division alongside those from RAF aircrew and XXX Corps.

The study is the culmination of over forty years of research concentrating on the British 1st Airborne Division’s role in the capture of the north end of the Arnhem bridge and the subsequent fighting around the Oosterbeek perimeter and the eventual evacuation across the Neder Rijn.

Volume 1 of the study contains accounts from nmembers of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Parachute Battalions, 1st Parachute Brigade and their supporting units such as the 1st Parachute Squadron, Royal Engineers, 1st Airlanding Anti- Tank Battery Royal Artillery, the 1st Airlanding Light Regiment Royal Artillery and the 16th Parachute Field Ambulance. Divisional units are also covered, such as the Royal Army Ordnance Corps, 1st Airborne Division Defence Platoon, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and 261 Field Park Company, Royal Engineers, plus accounts from members of the Glider Pilot Regiment.

Each volume in the series contains extensive chapter introductions to provide the reader with a background to the events described by the participants themselves. The entire series is lavishly illustrated with wartime and post- war photographs, many in colour with detailed accompanying maps illustrating the positions of the units involved at various stages of the battle.

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