Anti-tank Artillery Squadron in the Battle of Arnhem

We are pleased to announce the next book of our ‘Arnhem’ series: The Polish 1st Independent Parachute Brigade. Anti-tank Artillery Squadron in the Battle of Arnhem. The sub-title is: ‘Full of Unanswered Questions”, Bombardier Stanislaw Nosecki’. The book has been written by Nigel Sampson and Mateusz Mroz. Nigel’s father fought at Arnhem, while Mateusz grandfather was the Intelligence officer on the staff of General Stanislaw Sosabowski during operation Market Garden. Therefore we have insight information so to speak. As usual the book is full of unknown facts but also with many unknown Polish documents.

The book is Soft cover, 180 pages.
Unfortunately due to the price increase of raw printing materials, printing cost, the selling price of this book will be € 26,-

Postage costs:
Netherlands € 4.15
Belgium € 9,00
Italy € 9,00
United Kingdom € 10,00
USA € 12,50
Canada € 12,50
Australia € 12,50
Japan € 12,50

Orders via

Payment from Overseas:

By bank transfer:
IBAN: NL08 RBRB 0940 8736 99


If you use PayPal please add 5% over the total price for PayPal costs.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Aad and Harm

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